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Staff Perception Survey

Life Skills Education staff perception survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your views are important to us and will guide us as we plan for the future. Completion of the survey by Monday 15th November will allow us to analyse the results and draw up a plan to share with you at NTD in January 2022. Thanks.

All responses are anonymous.

1. To what extent do you enjoy working for the Lifeskills Education Charity ?
2. To what extent do you enjoy delivering the Life Skills Primary Programmes ?
3. I feel that I am a respected and valued member of the Life skills Education Charity Team.
4. I feel there is an appropriate level of support available to me through Mentors and SDO's to help me do my job effectively.
5. The training I receive each term during NTD keeps me up to date with the latest developments and prepares me well for the term ahead.
7. I understand the need for communication with the Lifeskills team and the administrative tasks I am asked to do and feel they are necessary for the smooth running of the Charity.
9. I feel the Life Skills Education Charity is well led and I am aware of the goals, vision and ethos of the organisation.

Life Skills Safeguarding Training